Tracker in the world of strategy
Psychologist, trainer, coach, speaker, consultant

Psychologist –

Has been practicing since 1991. Accurate definition of problem situations and a deep understanding of personality traits. Practical solutions to difficult situations. Effective way out of existential crises.

Trainer –

Experience working with audiences from small groups to huge halls, in various formats (seminars, conferences, master-classes and so on). Expert at working with complex group dynamics.

Coach –

Certified coach, member of the Association of Russian-speaking coaches and other professional confederations.

Speaker –

Grigory's speeches are well-known as charismatic and thought-provoking and deliver outstanding results for his clients.

Consultant –

Flexibility and diversity in approaches, supported by a strategic vision of the situation and structured systemic thinking, allow him quickly and efficiently solve a variety of client tasks

Development for people and organizations

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